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These days, I just want to find my husband, my father, my brother, my cousins, my uncles and give them big hugs with both arms. There is a war on Black men in America and it seems like every other week there's another headline in another city with yet another victim. 

This time it's Freddie Gray.

And we're seeing more of the same community uprisings, news pundits reporting sensationalized stories, truths being covered up, cries of "but they're looting" on your Facebook timeline (with NO REGARD to why).

Rinse. Repeat. 

But I read a post today on Very Smart Brothas, one of my favorite places on the internet, which was an excellent reminder that we don't have the luxury of getting numb. That we have to remember that each and every victim was a living person with a different family, with personalities, habits, loves and routines, light and darkness, just like all of us. That even though we're seeing the same scenario again and again, it's happening to different people each and every time.  

Via    VSB on FB

So, today's Wordtacular Wednesday goes to Damon Young, a Very Smart Brotha:

Because Freddie Gray wasn’t Eric Garner. And Eric Garner wasn’t Rekia Boyd. And Redia Boyd wasn’t John Crawford III. And John Crawford III wasn’t Michael Brown. And Michael Brown wasn’t Eric Harris. And Eric Harris wasn’t Walter Scott. And Walter Scott wasn’t Laquan McDonald. And Laquan McDonald wasn’t Lavall Hall. And Lavall Hall wasn’t Jason Harrison. And Jason Harrison wasn’t Brandon Jones. And Brandon Jones wasn’t Ernest Satterwhite. And Ernest Satterwhite wasn’t Anthony Hill. And Anthony Hill wasn’t Tony Robinson. And Tony Robinson wasn’t Tamir Rice. And Tamir Rice wasn’t Tanisha Anderson. And Tanisha Anderson wasn’t James Howard Allen. And James Howard Allen wasn’t Akai Gurley. And Akai Gurley wasn’t Ezell Ford. And Ezell Ford wasn’t Rumain Brisbon. And Rumain Brisbon wasn’t Darrien Hunt. And Darrien Hunt wasn’t VonDerritt Myers Jr. And VonDerritt Myers Jr. wasn’t Aiyana Stanley-Jones. And Aiyana Stanley-Jones wasn’t Luis Rodriguez. And Luis Rodriguez wasn’t Ramarley Graham. And Ramarley Graham wasn’t Jonathan Ferrell. And Jonathan Ferrell wasn’t Jack Lamar Roberson. And Jack Lamar Roberson wasn’t Kimani Gray. And Kimani Gray wasn’t Anna Brown. And Anna Brown wasn’t Oscar Grant. And Oscar Grant wasn’t Trayvon Martin.

”...So cry new tears. Write new words. Craft new prayers. Attend new marches. Channel new anger. Feel it all again. Every bit of it. All the empathy, all the sorrow, all the rage. Don’t fight it. Let it permeate you. Embrace its engulf. Because Freddie Gray deserves it. Baltimore deserves it. You deserve it. Do not allow them to desensitize you to the uniqueness and preciousness of our lives, to the beauty of being alive, and do not permit them to rob you of the agony of them being snatched away.

”And when it happens again — and it will happen again — when another police-involved killing of an unarmed person of color turns a city upside down, do it all again.

- Damon Young

Visit VSB to read the full article. 

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Nobody Likes a Showoff, But Don't Sell Yourself Short

Nobody Likes a Showoff, But Don't Sell Yourself Short