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An Ode to my Girlfriends

An Ode to my Girlfriends

I LOVE my girlfriends and girl time in general. Spending time with other women brings me joy, laughter, empathy, conversation and, sometimes, therapy. 

Some people you just click with right away. Like that time I met a woman at a meeting and we clicked right away. I loved her style, her humor and her spirit. I thought to myself, "HOW DO I MAKE HER MY FRIEND?!"

I had no clue. So, I went home and then kicked myself wondering if I'd ever see her again. Because I was convinced we were supposed to be friends. (But seriously, how do you say "I like you" to someone you're not romantically interested in? LOL.)

Fortunately I saw her again a month later and we're still in touch! She's a regular brunch buddy. Love her!

On the other hand, it also took a while to warm up to some of my other friends. In fact, I didn't even like one of my best friends when I first met her. I was convinced she rolled her eyes at me in basketball practice. (She swears she didn't, but I'm telling you. It happened.) 

The good thing about friends is that, unlike a romantic relationship, they can be vast and varied, performing different functions. 

When I need to talk through issues or struggles, I have a girlfriend that I can call.

When I need a reality check... my girlfriend who will reality check me.

When it's a random Tuesday night and we've been trying to get together for five weekends to no avail and we're both free, finally. IMPROMPTU DINNER.

My girlfriend who always cackles with me.

The girlfriend from work who transcends "coworker" status.

My "You mess with me... you mess with my girlfriends" girlfriends.

A good DJ + a dance floor + girlfriends + a well-rested Chev = Let's do it!

My motivational/inspirational girlfriends.


The tough love girlfriend.

Goofball partner? Check.

An advisor, a running partner, a prayer warrior, a shoulder to cry on, someone to sit on the couch with and/or nerd out - I GOT THAT. (Obviously, some of these people overlap - but you get the idea.)

Some of my girlfriends I've known for over 20 years and others I've only known a few years, but I am grateful for them all. Life/distance/work can get in the way, and Lord knows I'm not a talk-on-the-phone-everyday kind of person, but when we do catch up, it's like we never left.  

Not every woman is friendship material and, like I said before, be mindful of who you allow in your circle. My circle of friends is small but mighty. I LURVE my girlfriends and appreciate their friendship, camaraderie and good vibes. I hope to bring them as much joy as they bring me. I don't take it for granted.


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