Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

You guys - I never get to sleep in. It may happen once or twice a month - but that's it. And on those one or two nights when it dawns on me that I don't have to set an alarm... because I don't have to be somewhere in the morning? Bruh.

This will not be one of those weekends.

But it's cool because I have some fun things planned.

Entourage Movie
Friday night I will get to catch up with my boys Ari Gold, Lloyd, E and the crew. Now, there's a good chance this will go the route of Sex & the City where you loved the series but the movie was like couldvehadaV8. (Especially the sequel. SATC2 did not need to happen for any reason. They could have all just stayed home, made a casserole and played Monopoly that night instead of making a movie. Most people just pretend SATC2 didn't happen because SO MUCH NO.) But, back to Entourage, doesn't matter. I'm going to see it anyway. 

Saturday morning I'll be up at the crack of dawn for a sorority meeting - closing out the '14-'15 year. 

The Read
I am a huge fan of the podcast The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle. Those two are hilarious, their commentary/rants are usually spot on, and they have the same love and nostalgia for black 90's sitcoms and R&B as I do. I missed them the first time they came to town for The Read Live, but they will be back for a live show on Saturday night and, ma'am, my ass will be in the building.


Err Sunday, B. 

57th Street Art Fair
This is right in my neighborhood and, depending on the weather (because Chicago had the nerve to be 55 degrees this week O_______O), I plan to go check it out. My girlfriend Maya-Camille Broussard will be there serving slices of her delicious Justice of the Pies pies! If you'll be there, stop by and show her some love. And eat some pie. Because, PIE. 

Then I'll go home and remember that tomorrow's Monday already.

What y'all got planned? Enjoy the weekend!