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They Tried to Make her Go to Rehab and She Said No, No, No.

They Tried to Make her Go to Rehab and She Said No, No, No.

Amy Winehouse was a beautiful disaster, but I loved her music.  It seemed there was no middle-ground with her - total greatness or complete mayhem. She was a supremely gifted singer and co-wrote the majority of her music, but she struggled with bulimia, substance abuse and alcoholism. She was a generous donor to a number of charities and foundations, but would scratch and punch her husband in the face and then leave the house bloody and bruised like they were heading on a date for ice cream. 

Even still, I was an Amy Winehouse STAN. That "Back to Black" album went so hard in my Mitsubishi. I played that CD so much I practically burned a hole in it. (This was around 2007. CD's were still acceptable, thankyouverymuch.) Her voice was so developed and mature and velvety and jazzy, though she was just in her twenties. I think I was mesmerized. If a car could talk, mine would have cursed me smooth out like an irate neighbor. "DAMN, WOULD YOU PLEASE FIND ANOTHER ALBUM?! LIL' WAYNE. THE LION KING SOUNDTRACK. BARNEY'S GREATEST HITS. NICKELBACK. WAYNE WONDER. SOMETHING!"

What can I say? When I fall in love with a song/album, I have no problem playing it 142 times in a row or until I get over it. Whichever comes first. 

Amy succumbed to her demons in 2011, five short years later after Back to Black was released, when she died of alcohol poisoning at just 27 years old. TWENTY-SEVEN, LORDT. Though it wasn't surprising for most people, her death was still tragic.

The documentary about her life, "Amy," hits theaters nationwide this Friday and my arse will be there on time with glasses secured on my nose and snacks at the ready. I have heard lots of positive reviews about how the documentary captured Amy and her beautiful/complicated/genius/disastrous/artistic glory.  

So, in honor of this occasion, here are five of my favorite Amy Winehouse songs:

"In My Bed" (Frank - 2003) //
Great song to dance to and basically lets dudes know, DON'T GET TOO FAMILIAR.
Favorite line(s): Oh, it's you again / listen, this isn't a reunion so sorry if I turn my head / yours is a familiar face, but that don't make your place safe in my bed, my bed, my bed

"You Know I’m No Good" (Back to Black - 2006)//
This song (along with "Rehab") is kind of haunting. Amy knew she had struggles and she was pretty transparent about it.
Favorite line(s): I cheated myself like you knew I would / I told ya I was trouble, you know that I'm no good

"Me & Mr. Jones" (Back to Black - 2006)//
Lots of singers sing about being done wrong by their man/woman/boo/bae, but this was the most gangster first line I've ever heard sung. 
Favorite line(s): What kind of f*ckery is this? You made me miss the Slick Rick gig/ You thought I didn't love you when I did / Can't believe you played me out like that

"Wake Up Alone" (Back to Black - 2006)
This is that song to listen to over and over again in bed on a rainy Saturday morning after you've just broken up with the love of your life while you cry and look at old pictures.
Favorite line(s): It's okay in the day, I'm staying busy / tied up enough so I don't have to wonder where is he / Got so sick of crying so just lately, when I catch myself I do a 180 / I stay up clean the house, at least I'm not drinking / run around just so I don't have to think about thinking 

"Half Time" (Lioness: Hidden Treasures - 2011 *previously unreleased)
I feel like this song was her love letter to music. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice and a beautiful melody.
Favorite line(s): Rhythm floods my heart, the melody it feeds my soul / the tune tears me apart and it swallows me whole / you should thank your lucky starts, 'cause the music is a gift / and it's stronger than all else, provides me with a bliss

What did I miss? What’s your favorite? Holler at me – and do let me know if you plan on seeing the film!

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