CHICAGO: Are You Watching the Loni Swain Show?

Hey girl, Hey.

What are you doing Saturday night/early Sunday morning at Midnight? If you're anything like me, the answer is probably "in the bed asleep" or something to that effect.

Let's change that. Because now Saturday nights at Midnight (or early Sunday morning at Midnight, whatever) is when The Loni Swain Show airs on CLTV.

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The show will explore "The B-Sides of Chicago", meaning the hidden gems in Chicago various neighborhoods. According to the show's website:

"The Loni Swain Show is a weekly 30-minute, transcultural slice-of-life television series bringing viewers up close and personal with Chicago's movers and shakers. From restauranteurs and artists to social activists and businessmen, Loni will visit them on their turf and take a hands-on approach to learning the keys to their success."

The visionary / creative director behind The Loni Swain Show is Eric Seals, an entrepreneur, videographer, digital nerd and friend of mine.  It's also produced by my husband, Mr. Nash!

So get your coffee ready & take an afternoon nap so you can be #TeamNoSleep on Saturday night with me (because, Lord knows, I'm #Team7HoursPlease). CLTV. Saturday night/Sunday morning. Midnight. Loni Swain Show. If you'll be out in these streets on Saturday night, DVR it!   

(And If you get a chance to watch, I'd love to know what you think. Leave a comment or tweet me @ClassicChev.)