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That Random Moment I Realized I was Grown

That Random Moment I Realized I was Grown

I'm thirty-something. I've been a legal adult for quite a while now. You would think this revelation would have come much sooner, like my 21st birthday, my 30th birthday, or that time my back went out because my shoes were too flat. (That really happened.)  But, no. Two weeks ago is when I finally realized I am, in fact, a grown woman. Word to Beyonce. 

Mr. Nash and I were in the car headed to the United Center for what became the final Bulls game of the season (I don't want to talk about it). As we're riding along, A Tribe Called Quest's 'Find a Way' came on the radio and we were both like: Ayyyyyyeeeee!

"Now you've caught my heart for the evening!..."

"Now you've caught my heart for the evening!..."

When the song went off, I realized we were listening to V-103.


What was this song doing on V-103?

When I was young(er), V-103 touted that they had "the best variety of hits and dusties." And they did. This was your parents' favorite station. This is where they would go to hear the Temptations and Chaka Khan and Diana Ross and the Whispers and Marvin Gaye and James Brown, etc.


Between V-103 and my father's VAST tape and record collection, I was legit schooled on great "old school" music. But If I wanted to hear my music at the time I went to Sam Goody to buy the CD and/or listened to WGCI.

Now? I can't even deal with the music on WGCI. It makes my ears hurt. Every time I happen upon that station I shake my proverbial cane at most of their "music" choices and angrily turn it off. Spotify FTW. 

As I mentioned before, I'm on the top end of the "Millennial" category. So, even though I know how old I am, I think part of me still went through life thinking I'm part of the cool, younger generation. 

But now that we can turn on V-103 and hear some of my favorite 90's music? My friends. Stamp my papers. Have a notary sign it. Seal the envelope. Bang the gavel. I am officially a grown woman.

Take us home, Bey:

When did this realization happen for you? Holler at me.  



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