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Wordtacular Wednesdays - Vol. 7

"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" circulated around the Internet earlier this year and I thought it was pretty great. Clearly, it's full of expletives but that's not all. It's satirical, smart and basically explains why it's a waste of time and energy to get your panties in a bunch over the guy who cut you off at the light and, instead, reserve your fucks for things that actually matter. So, today's Wordtacular Wednesday goes out to Mark Manson. He DGAF like a boss:  

(Via  Mark Manson )

"When we’re young, we have tons of energy. Everything is new and exciting. And everything seems to matter so much. Therefore, we give tons of fucks. We give a fuck about everything and everyone — about what people are saying about us, about whether that cute boy/girl called us back or not, about whether our socks match or not or what color our birthday balloon is.

As we get older, we gain experience and begin to notice that most of these things have little lasting impact on our lives. Those people’s opinions we cared about so much before have long been removed from our lives. We’ve found the love we need and so those embarrassing romantic rejections cease to mean much anymore. We realize how little people pay attention to the superficial details about us and we focus on doing things more for ourselves rather than for others.

Essentially, we become more selective about the fucks we’re willing to give. This is something called ‘maturity.’ It’s nice, you should try it sometime. Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a fuck about what’s truly fuckworthy. As Bunk Moreland said in The Wire (which, fuck you, I still downloaded it) to his partner Detective McNulty: “That’s what you get for giving a fuck when it wasn’t your turn to give a fuck.”"

-Mark Manson

That Random Moment I Realized I was Grown

That Random Moment I Realized I was Grown