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Keeping the Faith When You Don't Feel Like It

Keeping the Faith When You Don't Feel Like It

I like to think I'm an optimistic person. I try to bring positivity to people and see the bright side of situations. [Because, Lord knows, negative, cynical, critical people are draining. I spend as little time as possible around Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy and all their friends.]

That said, I've been struggling lately, y'all. My faith is being tested. You know how you work and plan and pray for something and then you think to yourself, "cool. My ducks are all in a row. I've been diligent. My blessing should be arriving aaaaaaaany minute now!"

*looks outside*


We've all been here at one time or another. And if you're at all like me, sometimes you don't feel like keeping the faith. You get discouraged and frustrated and start second-guessing yourself. Who wants to keep keepin' the faith when it seems like you're getting nowhere?

[Girl. Don't be like me.]

You gotta keep pushin'. Here are some ways to help keep things in perspective along the way:

Patience, Grasshopper
I tend to have this problem. I want what I want when I expect it. I did this, and I did this, now give me that. But, that's not how it works. Things happen in due time. There's a saying that God has three answers to your prayers: "Yes" or "Not Yet" or "I have something better for you." Our job is to keep working and be patient in the meantime. (But it's harrrrrrrd. *pouts*) 

Remember You've Been Here Before
There have been other times in your life where you were waiting/working for something and you didn't know when it was coming. But, eventually, you got it. And it all came together. And it all made sense. And it probably didn't happen the way you thought. That's life. You'll reach your goal (eventually) and it'll make sense later. Hindsight is always 20/20.  

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Eyes On Your Own Paper
Comparison is da debil. Comparison just gives you a false sense of being "better than" somebody... or shatters your self esteem if you think somebody else is "better than" you. It can make you question your own progress. It's a losing strategy. Don't lose. Everybody's path and timing is different. It's fine to look at others for inspiration - but not comparison. Mind your own business.

Take a Break
Go meet your friends for dinner or watch a movie with bae or go to the spa or go for a walk or go for a run or have a Netflix marathon (HAY A DIFFERENT WORLD) or call your parents or get some ice cream or go on vacation or play with your kids, or, or, or... Take your mind off of it and just do something that brings you joy for a while. 

But Keep Going
Keeping true to your path, even when you don't know the outcome, is the very definition of faith. Sometimes you reach what you want by sticking with it longer than anybody else. You know the saying, "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." One thing's for sure, if you quit, you'll never get there.

These reminders are for myself as much as they are for anybody reading who can relate. Keep the faith, my friends.