The F Word


*thunder rolls*

*lightning strikes*

*throws salt over shoulder*

*makes sign of the cross over chest*

I have to ask: why is this such a terrible thing to some people?

I am a feminist. Yup. Granted, I may be a Bad Feminist... I don't get it right all the time (if there is a such thing), but I am one. I see so many women out there who support the ideals of feminism - they believe in the social, political and economic equality of women, but DON'T YOU DARE CALL THEM THE F WORD. They don't claim to be feminists and they will make that clear.

"I wouldn't say I'm a feminist, buuuut I think women should have equal pay."

"Whoa, whoa, the feminist title is a bit much, but, sure, there should be more women CEOs."

"Don't give me the feminist label, I just thought Lean In was a good book in general."


I don't get it.

I think people have taken the word to mean something negative or spiteful. Feminist does not = man hater. Feminism is not about entitlement. Say it with me: Feminism is belief in the SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC EQUALITY OF WOMEN (and if you think this already exists, please find the most conveniently located chair and STFD). 

Until there are more women in positions of power, until more women are being fairly compensated for their work, until women are not threatened to have their right to choose taken away every election season, until women are not held back at the office because they birthed a human and had the audacity to stay home with said baby for that "lengthy" 6-week maternity leave, until paternity leave is also a norm, until a female rape victim isn't asked what she was wearing or if she was drinking or why she was walking down the street at night minding her own got damb business when she was violated, until stay-at-home moms aren't judged by working moms and working moms by stay-at-home moms, until black women, latina women, lesbian woman, asian women, etc. are considered and actually included in more conversations about feminism (hey, Patricia Arquette), feminism's work is not done. 

Just my .02 on the matter.

If you need me, I'll be over here listening to Beyonce and not shaving my legs.