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SPRING IS HERE! *shimmies*

I try not to complain about winter, really. I'm a Chicagoan and I know Mother Nature tends to show up in December like "HERE'S YOUR SNOW. HERE'S THAT 15 DEGREES YOU SHOULD BE EXPECTING. BE BACK LATER."  It is what it is. And I can appreciate winter around the holidays.


But once late February/early March hits... listen. I am all the way over it. I'm weary of the dry air hating on my deep conditioning treatments and other hair moisture-retaining efforts. I'm done leaving work at midnight, a.k.a. 5:30 p.m. I'm tired of putting on two pairs of pants, three socks, four shirts, a scarf, hat, gloves and boots every single day. Then slipping on a patch of black ice and almost breaking my neck while running to catch the bus. Then burning up on said bus because I'm wearing 239579286 layers of clothes standing next to 40 other people in salt-crusted boots and puffy coats.  

Me all winter.

Me all winter.

Old Man Winter, Elsa, Olaf, Ana, PACK Y'ALLS RAGGEDY BAGS AND GET ON. Spring is here. (And, soon thereafter, summertime Chi! Ahhhhh! #Nowthrowyourhandsupinthesky).

Five things I'm looking forward to:  

Eating Outside
Chicago restaurants: If you have a rooftop, patio, balcony, or other outdoor seating area where I can eat your delicious food, drink your delicious drinks and be merry, YOU WILL SEE ME SOON. 

Running Outside
My running routine suffers every winter. Try as I might, I do not enjoy running on a treadmill. (Kinda like life, right? Who wants to work hard and not go anywhere?) Just reaching one mile feels like the longest 9 (ok, 10) minutes of my life. But running outside when it's below 40 degrees and there's ice on the ground? Yeah, no. So, now that the snow is melting and the temperature is heading north, I look forward to getting out again. Hay, Lakefront! 

Festivals Outside (note: similar to Eating Outside, but while also standing and/or walking)
I don't know if you know it or not, but Chicago festivals are everything. Music, food, friends, shopping, get your life. 

Being Outside (note: all of the above)
Period! Walking, sitting, BBQ-ing, friend's house backyard-ing, reading, biking, festival-ing, beaching, farmers' market-ing, partying, living! Getting out from hibernation will be glorious. 

Pinkberry, Bish.

(State Street Pinkberry via  Medill )

(State Street Pinkberry via Medill)

Welcome back, Spring. Girl, we missed you.


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