(Via Twitter)

(Via Twitter)

As most of you know by now, Starbucks has just launched a campaign to spark conversation about race relations in the U.S. And I'm not necessarily mad at them. That shit is necessary. And unlike a lot of America these days, they are actually trying to address a problem instead of being all, "WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT, MY BEST FRIEND IS BLACK, SLAVERY IS OVER, EQUALITY IS HERE, YOU'RE WELCOME BLACK PEOPLE." They want to spark dialogue and I commend that. 


The execution seems to be a such a fail so far. I'm not sure how well the logistics of this campaign were thought out. Were the baristas extensively trained in race relations? Is the general public looking to have a conversation with a barista on this topic? Most people barely look up from their phones while paying for/picking up their mochalattefrappucoffeewithsoy (which is forever rude as hell, btw.).  

I shudder to see the face of an unassuming white barista when M-1 from Dead Prez comes in for a caramel macchiato and wants to talk race relations.

Natually, #BlackTwitter had some feelings on this campaign. It's such a ginormous topic to cover. Starbucks needs a resident "Iyanla" to mediate at each location. How many pairs of people on opposite sides of the race coin can have a dialogue that gets beyond "that's racist" or "that's reverse racist" or "I DON'T SEE COLOR THIS IS UNCOMFORTABLE." I guess that's what this campaign is looking to address. It just needs a little help.  

What say you? Is Starbucks on to something or out of their damb minds? Holler at me.