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Blogging 2.0

Blogging 2.0

(Via  Etsy )

(Via Etsy)

Not to get all hipster on you, but I was a blogger before blogging was cool. It was actually a bit loser-ish back then. Nobody knew what the heck a blog was ("weblog" if you're still stuck in '04 - which is about the time I started). 

My blog was like my alter-ego. I didn't use my real name. Never used any pictures of myself or anything. It was probably more of a diary that I cringe to think back on now. But still, I "social networked" with other like-minded bloggers. We shared jokes, stories about our lives and our thoughts on the topic of the day. This was before "personal branding" was a term, so we weren't too concerned with being "on brand". This was pre-Twitter. Before selfies. And just at the dawn of Facebook. 

Many of the folks from back then (the "OG Bloggers") are doing great things now, finding success in the world of digital content creation (duh). I semi-retired from blogging around 2010. But the itch has been back for a while now, so I decided to dive back in. With my real name (sort of) and even pictures. This time, I'm writing with more purpose, more direction and hopefully more stamina.

See you soon.